Redlands Modern Country Music Club
Redlands Modern Country Music Club
Redlands Modern Country Music Club


The Redlands Modern Country Music Club is based in the city of Redlands. Our clubhouse is located at the Pinklands Sports Reserve, Cleveland-Redland Bay Road Thornlands. Our members include people from varied walks of life who have a common interest of Country Music; it's performance, promotion and enjoyment within the community at large. Our age groups range from babes in the cradle to at least 80 years of age and our particular interests cover the many and varied styles of country music.



One of our main aims is to provide opportunity for persons of all ages to participate in the practice and presentation of country music. This especially applies if you are an aspiring musician or singer and wish to gain experience performing live on stage. Initially you would be in front of a small audience but as you gain experience you can expand your horizon and even branch out into semi-professional work. A country music club is the ideal place to start to gain experience of this kind.



  • Conduct regular weekly practices

These are held at the clubhouse every Friday night from 7pm until late. Everyone and anyone is invited and encouraged to perform their material with a live band. Other practice times are organized intermittently according to members needs, for example, preparing for a competition.

  • Present socials on the first Saturday of the month

These are also held at our clubhouse. The public is invited to come along and enjoy our music and all club artists are encouraged to perform.

  • Visit, whenever possible, the many Country Music Club socials around the Brisbane area

We attend many of the club festivals, competing as individual artists, instrumentalists, duos groups and also perform a combined club show.

  • Provide entertainment regularly at various nursing homes

These are mainly throughout the Redland Shire and Wynnum/Manly area.

  • Entertain at various functions

For clubs and organizations throughout the Redlands and Wynnum area usually on a donation basis.

The entire club is involved with organizing and running a talent quest.



Come along to our clubhouse on any Friday night; you will be most welcome. You can just sit and watch if you like, but if you are a budding entertainer, it is an ideal place to get the feel of performing in front of a small audience as a solo act or as a member of a group (instead of being thrown in at the deep end). Try it some time; we're sure you'll like the friendly atmosphere.


You can also come along to one of our socials and just enjoy the entertainment. If you are not a performer then maybe you could get involved in some other way that can support the club. We're always on the lookout for good hamburger cooks, or someone to help on drink sales. Maybe you might like to just sit and play cards while you enjoy the music.


Whatever you decide we are certain you will enjoy the experience




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