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RMCMC Club House History

The following article was taken from the official program on opening day of the Redlands Modern Country Music Club house on Saturday 4th August 1990.

The Club House History

It began in June 1988 when Des Green approached the club with an idea about a derelict house on a block of land at Thorneside. The building was small and in need of repair but basically sound and ideal for a clubhouse. Des told the club committee that they could have it for the cost of removal. After consideration of the idea the committee decided to go for it and accept Des' offer with thanks, and so began the working bees, laughter, tears, frustration and elation that most projects of this kind bring.
Having decided to establish the building as a clubhouse the committee now had the problem of where to put it. Having had dealings with the Redlands Shire Council at various times over the past few years it was decided that Del Moller and Jim Mitchell should approach the council to see if a block of land was available for lease within the Shire. The only other alternative would be perhaps to purchase land but with real estate prices at the time going through a boom this idea was abandoned.

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