Redlands Modern Country Music Club
Redlands Modern Country Music Club
Redlands Modern Country Music Club


The band has been performing together as a group since 1988 providing entertainment and dance music at venues ranging from hotels and clubs to school and church bush dances.Stone The Crows

The bands particular emphasis is on traditional Australian songs and tunes originating from Australias earlier history. Many of our traditional tunes such as Botany Bay and Road to Gundagai are very entertaining when performed with traditional instruments such as accordion, fiddle, mouth organ and tin whistle. As part of our act we always include those great old sing-along tunes such as Waltzing Matilda, Click Goes the Shears, Home among The Gum Trees to name a few.

In 2000 Stone the Crows released their first CD, which is just a taste of their very broad repertoire of traditional Australian bush, folk and country music. Their 2006 album Stone the Crows Bush Band AGAIN is now on sale.

Stone the Crows will also call your favorite bush dances including the Heel and Toe Polka, the Drongo, Strip the Willow, the Stockyards and many others. We always include some childrens specialties such as the Hokie-Pokie and the Chicken Dance. If you enjoy Australian Bush Poetry a special segment can be included for recitation of an Australian classic such as Banjo Pattersons Man from Ironbark” or the Bush Christening.

The members of Stone the Crows Bush Band include experienced musicians with a wide background of musical accomplishments and tastes. They include:

Allen McMonagle Guitar, fiddle, vocals and recitations
Del Moller Bass, vocals
Bill Turner Banjo, Guitar, Whistles, Vocals
Neil Wills Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

For further information, bookings and CD sales contact:

Allen McMonagle - phone (07) - 3390 2066

Our self titled CD has been released and contains the following tunes:


Maggie May Far Away in Australia


South Australia Lachlan Tigers
Pirates of Moreton Bay Cockies of Bungaree
Allora Girl Soldiers Joy
Johnny Stewart Drover Stir The Wallaby Stew
Oh The Springtime it Brings on The Shearing Reel Set - Waves of Tory / Rakes of Mallow / Davey Nick Knack

Our second CD has been released and contains the following tunes:

The Old Bullock Dray Condamine Boy


One Night at the Junabee hall Beautiful Queensland
Darlin Billy Flash Jack from Gundagai
The Budgie Song Redwing
Waltzing Matilda Allora Girl
I've Just Seen A Face We Are One
Neil's Reel Don't You Worry About That






Guest Artist this month is...



Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts

Guest Artist - 4th November



Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts 





Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts embrace their inner girl power with quirky songs,  big personalities and sweet harmonies. They easily slide across musical genres from folk to country, jazz, rock and blues.  So, a Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts concert is like a box of chocolates- you never quite know what you are going to get next. But it is more than likely they will wear their boots for some scooting and play at least one Johnny Cash song for this event.  Brought together by their mutual IAS (Instrument Acquisition Syndrome), the Tarts share and play quite a collection of instruments between them,  including -guitars, ukuleles, bass, flute, glockenspiel, piccolo, harmonica, spoons and other kitchen utensils, washboard, lagerphone and cajon.  Laugh at their silly songs, sing along to their clever covers of songs you know and love, or dance the night away! Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts know how to entertain and always create a fun, upbeat vibe whenever they hit the stage.

Reviews -

"Thanks so much for coming to perform for us at Neurum Creek Festival. You were perfect - fun, talented and really got the audience going."- Angela Kitzelman Festival Organiser

"Well done ladies - you completely stole the show at the Coast Acoustics Festival - best act by far"- Gary Brady

"Thanks Mama Juju & the Jam Tarts. Fabulous night at the Buses and Beats event last night. Had the best time. You really kept the grin on our faces all night."- Donna Smithers

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You will also see on the night all of your favorite local artists performing and of course there will be food and drinks for sale as usual and free tea and coffee through out the evening. We will also provide a very yummy supper!


Show starts at 5pm at the Redlands Modern Country Music Club House.

Pinklands Reserve on Cleveland - Redland Bay Road, Thornlands

Where to find us
Redlands Modern Country Music Club is located at Pinklands Reserve on Cleveland - Redland Bay Road, Thornlands

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